Nutritional Analysis

We at gfitness recognise the importance of nutrition for all. We have specialist nutritional experts who can analyse your eating patterns, habits and behaviours and help you help yourself. No need for fad diets and short term fixes. We can help you implement real change that can last, whether your goals are weight gain or weight loss. Please get in touch and find out more, with a range of services and prices starting from as little as £20/month.

We can also assist the care sector and help homes to support their clients, residents and service users. If you would like Gfitness to help you plan meals and routines or even deliver training on healthy eating then please contact us at


Our nutritional serivces are as varied as the clients we work with, helping you recognise what needs changing and providing the most practical, sustainable method to do it.


“Not only have I lost 4 stone with Nico’s nutrition coaching but I have kept the weight off. Something I have not been able to do before as my weight fluctuates rapidly.”

Jane Clark,


“Gfitness has provided me with tasty realistic eating habits that I can follow. It is much easier than following restrictive diet plans.”

Sarah Howard,


“With the help of Gfitness my BMI has Gone down from 37 to 26, aproaching a healthy weight. I could never of done this withouut Gfitness.”

Stephanie Richards,


“Gfitness Nutrition Coaching is Different from any tempory diet or eating plan. It makes you change your habits so you continue to eat correctly.”

Eric Chandler,