Exercise in Care and Nursing Homes

We have been a provider of health and fitness for older people since 2008. Working with hundreds of care and nursing homes across the country. We provide a wide array of services for the elderly and vulnerable including exercise classes, fun and fitness sessions, one to one support for residents, physio and massage therapies and falls prevention support for residents and staff. Gfitness has a team of highly qualified and well-trained professionals that can offer content such as strength, balance and co-ordination exercises structured around physiotherapy treatments. We can also offer alternative exercise such as adapted Yoga and Tai Chi as well as fun games to engage and entertain. Sessions focus on support and development of participants physically, cognitively and socially, catering in these aspects for all ability levels.

We offer any home, which has not previously had a Gfitness instructor, a FREE trial to see if their residents would enjoy regular sessions. Sessions can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour and are always catered to suit the needs of the homes and participants we are working with.

Content in sessions includes:
  • Strength and balance helping to reduce falls and maintain independence.

  • Flexibility and mobility to manage degenerative conditions.

  • Brain games to encourage cognitive stimulation.

  • Adapted Tai Chi and Yoga content suitable for all ability levels.

  • Massage Therapy.

  • Physiotherapy.

  • Team Games.

  • Movement to Music.


We can also provide training sessions for staff and residents to help reduce falls risks in homes and the community. This also includes ‘Care Home Falls Assessments’ to evaluate and improve the prevention and management of fall risks. Please contact simon@gfitness.co.uk for this service and further details.


“Lea has been visiting Newstead House since January this year, where she has provided our residents with a fitness programme. It has proved to be very successful encouraging some of our residents to move around with confidence and has strengthened their core muscles.  It is also great fun and is adapted to their abilities so they can all join in. It was also approved by CQC as they were visiting the home during a session.”


Vanda Haston,
Activities Co-ordinator,

Newstead House, Hereford.



“Tanya brings fun, fitness & laughter to all of our residents at Sceats. Residents & staff look forward to Friday afternoons.”


Jackie Law,
Sceats Care Home, Gloucester.

“We have been using Gfitness now for 8 weeks and have had Lea for each session. Approximately 7/8 residents take part and are of mixed abilities, Lea adjusts some of the exercises when needed. The residents we care for are living with late stage dementia so their cognitive understanding is extremely compromised as well as their physical abilities. Initially I was unsure how well the class would be received but after the trial session I was very pleasantly surprised. At first we discussed possibly having a 45 minute session rather than an hour to enable people to maintain their concentration, this however wasn’t needed as she was able to get them to maintain concentration for the full hour. Overall I feel the sessions have been a success and hope to continue with them.”

Emily Leroy,
Broomy Hill Nursing Home, Hereford.

"I would just like to say a huge thank you for sending Lauren here this afternoon, her class was very much enjoyed by all that attended.

Lauren was able to engage with all the residents present and to be honest there was a very varied skills level so I would like to congratulate her on that.

I will be in touch for future classes, once again thank you for a very enjoyable fitness session."


Wendy Putt   

Activity Coordinator,

Green Gates Care Home Oxfordshire

"Rachel Cook comes to our home in Abingdon (Abingdon Court) I wanted to contact you just to pass on some fantastic feedback. She is excellent with our residents! she gets everyone involved even when they find it difficult to do so. she creates a fun but calm environment for our residents where they can enjoy themselves and get fit. I have had a lot of great feedback from our residents about how much they enjoy her coming. she is very welcoming to our staff and engages with everyone which is excellent. Her sessions are great for our residents and she is good at dealing with each individual in a holistic way. Rachel provides us with fun throughout :) G-fitness is a great company that is beneficial to residents so I have passed your details on to several other activities co-ordinators. thankyou!"

Olivia Turner

Abingdon Court Oxfordshire

“Tanya comes to our home twice a week and is a breath of fresh air. She is always able to anticipate what the residents want from her be it exercise with music or just gentle massage. The atmosphere in the home really lifts whenever she is here and we all look forward to her visits, staff and residents alike. I can highly recommend her and would definitely have her here more often if I possibly could.”

Debbie Smith, Manager,
The Knoll Care Home Gloucester

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