Community Exercise Classes for Older Adults and Fall Prevention Classes

We provide a number of community classes for older people. Some of these classes are chair based and intended to help those who want light exercise in the comfort of a chair. Classes can also include standing and balance work to help maintain mobility and reduce falls. Other sessions are for the more able older person and include keep fit content such as aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi and Boxercise.

Below is a list of all our classes available at the moment, if there is not a class in your area but you would like one set up; please contact us or email


“Since going to the sessions in Brockworth I have felt so much more energetic. I look forward to it every week.”


“I really enjoy going to the session each week. Simon Makes us feel so welcome and I love staying for cake and coffee after.”


“The sessions have stoped me from having regular falls and I feel so much more confident walking now.”


“I used to really struggle with my arthritis. Since participating in the exercises with Gfitness I can cope much better and have started walking the dog again. Thank you for all your help.”


Since going to the sessions I feel much healthier. I can walk further and have made new friends too.”


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