The Team - South West

Simon Grodentz - Gloucestershire

Simon established Gfitness back in 2008. He began his professional career in fitness as a Personal Trainer. However, after working with vulnerable adults in some lines of his work; he turned his focus towards helping people stay well and happy within the care setting.

Simon is qualified in a wide range of fitness and wellbeing disciplines and runs many training courses for team members and care homes. He is committed to ensuring Gfitness provides the best possible service to as many people as possible. He can be contacted directly at for any questions or issues you may want help with.

Matthew Harris - Gloucestershire

Matthew Joined Simon as the second member of Gfitness back in 2015. Matthew showed that there was a demand for the services that Gfitness provides, not only in Gloucestershire but in other counties too.

Running his own classes for several years Matt is now also helping out with growth across the country and provides support for Gfitness instructors in terms of helping new instructors set up and marketing for the business. Matthew provides many of our falls prevention classes in Gloucestershire.

Tanya Gennaio - Gloucestershire

Tanya specialises in chair-based exercise classes in care and nursing homes as well as in the community. She can also supply massage therapy whether it be in Care or nursing homes or for individual clients.

Megan Lavill - Gloucestershire

Megan has a Degree in Sports Management. Whilst studying she found her love for working with older adults and worked on a scheme that focussed on increasing participation in activities of people aged 55 and over. After graduating Megan worked as an activities coordinator in a care home which she loved, as she found great satisfaction in helping residents find enjoyment whilst taking part in activities and feel like they still have purpose. Her attitude, experience and overall love for the elderly really does come across in her sessions.

Meg can provide exercise for older adults in care and nursing homes either as a group or as a 1 to 1 session.

Sarah Burford - Gloucestershire

Sarah Is an experienced member of the Gfitness team with a history in personal training. She is also a qualified lower back specialist.

Sarah Is our main supplier of exercise for people with learning disabilities in care and nursing homes throughout Gloucestershire.

Rebecca Law - Bristol

Becky specialises in chair-based exercise classes for the elderly in Bristol. She can also offer hair dressing and beauty treatment services for the homes she visits.

Ali Smith - Bristol

Ali is our Bristol based instructor.

She is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and Chair Based Exercise Instructor. Ali can provide exercise for older adults and people with disabilities

Laura McGlone - Bristol

Laura has a degree in Exercise, Fitness and Health, qualified Chair Based Exercise instructor and Level 3 PT. It was after university she really found her passion for personal training, group exercise and the fitness industry. Laura has had experience coaching football to those with disabilities and has had experience leading Chair Based Exercise with the elderly, she thoroughly enjoyed both.  Laura looks forward to her sessions at the care homes she visits.

Kelly Norman - Somerset

Kelly is our Somerset based instructor, she has experience working in the care industry with older adults and people with learning disabilities. She later decided to retrain as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Kelly can provide Chair Based Exercise for the elderly and people with disabilities as well as other group sessions for fully abled adults. She can Also provide one to one sessions if required.

Michael Stockman - South Devon

Mike has been involved in sports and fitness from an early age and has been part of a variety of sports teams over the years.

Mike’s experience in the fitness industry has included teaching swimming and leading fitness classes as well as personal training, he is now working with Gfitness to focus his experience in exercise within care and nursing homes for older adults and people with disabilities.

William Donohue - East Devon

As an Instructor and Exercise Specialist at G-Fitness, my focus is providing our audience with outstanding exercise and activity classes. I have established an ability to encourage and engage with all populations to optimise, and effectively improve their quality of life.


Previously a health and exercise scientist, running GP referral exercise programmes for chronic back pain and cancer, whilst applying well-developed knowledge as a practicing personal trainer/fitness class instructor. I completed a sports therapy qualification and begun delivering soft tissue treatments. Though endeavoured progression of the highest level, consequently completing a MSc in Sports Rehabilitation.


I now possess an extensive and complete exercise specialist and physical rehabilitation profile, with significant applicable training and experience in exercise prescription for all populations. As your G-Fitness Instructor and Exercise Specialist, I will implement my

entire expertise to achieve your state of optimal health.

Ben Smith - East Dorset

Ben has experience working with the elderly in a mental health setting since 2008. During this time, he has worked alongside Physiotherapists to help residents with fall prevention and passive movement exercises.

Ben is qualified in chair-based exercise and has been running a variety of classes such as upbeat exercise with music and props, chair based Tai Chi and Chinese self-massage to help with mindfulness through movement meditation.

“I have a passion for exercise and I believe that it should be fun, enjoyable and accessible to all. Exercise is not just for physical health it is also great for mental health and well-being.”

Antony Passmore - East Dorset

Antony has 20 years experience as a secondary school teacher, specialising in Physical Education and has worked with a wide range of age groups and with people with a variety or different disabilities. His more recent work has been in the care sector including domiciliary care, supported living with people with learning disabilities and residential care with people with dementia, as a support worker and activity coordinator.

Antony Is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and has Level 3 GP referral therefore can work with clients with chronic illness. Antony believes being active at some level should be accessible to anyone no matter their Ability and is essential to maintaining a good quality of life both physically and emotionally. 

Karen Dowden - Cornwall

Karen is a qualified Level 2 in Fitness Instructor and Level 3 in Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People. Karen runs chair-based exercise classes and classes for more mobile older adults in the local community.

Karen is now working within care and nursing homes throughout Cornwall with Gfitness. She is passionate about helping older adults exercise whilst including fun activities in the classes.

Jessica Lynch - Bath

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Matthew Coopey - Gloucestershire

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