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The Team - East Midlands

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Kirty Solanky- Leicestershire

I am a qualified fitness & yoga instructor working with people of all ages and abilities. I qualified as a fitness instructor back in 2009 while working part-time as a gym instructor. I really enjoyed the difference I could make when I encouraged people to believe in themselves and perform beyond what they thought was possible.


My classes are a balance of yang and yin, they aim to build gentle heat, strength, and flexibility in the body, while simultaneously bringing a sense of deep relaxation and calm to the mind. They are suitable for all as I believe that the classes should adapt to the individuals and that everyone has their own path to follow as we work our way to the end of each session.

Sophie Reader - Nottinghamshire

Hi my name is Sophie, I have a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science where I also obtained a Level 3 GP referral qualification. I'm am also a Level 3 Personal trainer.

I have always had a passion within sport and fitness which has led me to play many sports as I am currently a county netball player. I find helping others improve and maintain a healthier lifestyle is very rewarding and look forward to supporting people living in care with Gfitness.

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