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Massage (regional availability)

The massage services we can provide at Gfitness are available for all. Our team of professionals can offer massage in your home setting to make the service as convenient and relaxing as possible. With a range of services and prices to suit. This can consist of one to one private massage with residents in their rooms or group massage in communal areas where our therapist can spend a few minutes with each resident helping them with their individual requirements. This can help with relaxation, mood, pain management and relief, improving mobility and flexibility. For more information and a free consultation for your care home please 

contact us or email at

Gfitness can provide a variety of other services. These services are available regionally so please enquire if you are interested in any and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


We at Gfitness recognise the importance of nutrition for all. We can assist the care sector and help homes to support their clients, residents and service users. Our nutritional services are as varied as the people we work with, helping you recognise what needs changing and providing the most practical, sustainable method to do it. Our experienced Dietitian at Gfitness can help you with:

  • Planning menus

  • Adapting meals to suit altered texture diets

  • Allergen management and/or developing a food policy

  • Staff training on Eating Well for your residents needs

  • Support for individual service users who are currently struggling with eating or feeding difficulties

Nutrtional Advice

Personal Training

Personal training is a popular choice for people looking to achieve a variety of health and fitness goals. Whatever you are looking to change or develop we are here to help. With your choices of pricing and packages to suit, we have something affordable for all; from a professional at the end of the phone and email, through to a PT turning up at your door whenever you need them.

We also have a complete nutritional service available to all Personal Training clients. Ensuring that you will get the best from your program.

Our Personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced and can provide carefully tailored support to help you. We provide sessions in almost any location with a variety of content to suit groups or individuals.

Please contact for more information and a free consultation.

Personal Training

Group Exercise

The team at Gfitness can offer a variety of group exercise sessions from outdoor bootcamps to Yoga or Tai Chi. Examples of our exercise classes can include:

  • Aerobics classes.

  • Bootcamps, indoor and outdoor.

  • Toning session.

  • Yoga.

  • Tai Chi.

  • Pre and Post Natal.

  • Boxing.

  • Circuit training.

If you are interested in attending or setting up a class in your local area please contact us at

Group Exercise
Physiotherapy With Gfitness


Many people will suffer from sporting injuries and ailments during their training. Others will naturally develop back complaints or repetitive strain issues over time. The Physiotherapists at Gfitness are highly trained and experienced and will be able to help resolve these problems with you.

One of our team can visit and work one to one with you and also provide exercises to be followed outside of these sessions too. Please contact for more information and to arrange a consultation.

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